Team battles


Battle against other teams in arena tournaments

Another great lichess feature is now available on lidraughts! Team battles allow two or more teams to compete in an arena tournament format. All the usual tournament rules apply, except that players are only paired against players of an opposing team. Each team scores the points total of their best players combined. After all is said and done, the team with the highest number of points wins the tournament.

Because every team can have a different amount of players, only the points of the leaders (the highest scoring players) are counted in the team total. There is a fixed amount of leaders per tournament that can be configured by the tournament creator. Team battles can be created by team leaders only, but can be joined by any member of the participating teams.

Team leaders can create team battles from the team page. Just click the 'team battle' button, and you will prompted for tournament details. All the usual arena tournament settings are available:

Team battle tournament settings

After that a screen appears where the participating teams and the amount of leaders can be configured. Up to 10 teams can be added. Just start typing a team name (one per line), and an autocomplete popup will appear that list the available teams:

Team battle teams and leaders settings

The amount of leaders can be at most 20. After the team battle is created, all settings can be edited as usual from the tournament lobby. Click the first gear icon to edit the tournament settings, or the second gear icon to edit the teams and leaders:

Team battle tournament lobby

Team battles are visible in the tournament schedule just like all the other tournaments.