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Lidraughts Official Blog

Lidraughts celebrates its first birthday

RoepStoep Announcements

One year of free draughts for everyone!

It's been almost a year since first saw the light of day, on the 13th of august 2018. We invite all draughts lovers to celebrate with us, in the first 12-hour Lidraughts anniversary tournament! It has been a great year, with awesome people, and we hope for many more to come!

This is also a good time to reflect on what changed over the last year, because a lot has happened. Starting out with 300 puzzles, two variants, and no computer analysis, we have come a long way. Time for an overview of the developments since Lidraughts was born.

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Scan learns Frisian and Antidraughts

RoepStoep Announcements

Scan 3.1 now plays all variants on lidraughts!

You may have heard of Scan, the free and open source draughts engine authored by Fabien Letouzey. It is widely regarded as the strongest draughts engine around, taking first place in all recent editions of the ICGA International Draughts Computer Olympiad. It is also the engine that powers all computer play and analysis on Lidraughts, free and unlimited in true open source spirit!

There could hardly be a better occasion for the first Lidraughts blog post than the new version of Scan that has just been released! Scan 3.1 contains some enhancements that gain ELO in all variants, but its major new feature is the support for Frisian and Antidraughts. This means that Scan now knows all the variants that are available on Lidraughts!

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