Brazilian Draughts


A new draughts variant on 64 squares

Brazilian draughts is one of the most popular draughts 64 variants worldwide. It is part of the FMJD draughts 64 world championship cycle, where well known international grandmasters like Alexander Georgiev and Alexander Schwartzman are regular visitors. For International draughts players it is also one of the most accessible variants on the 8x8 board, because all the rules for moving the pieces are the same (more on the Rules & Variants page). But the best part is: Brazilian draughts is now available on lidraughts!

As usual, all lidraughts features are supported for the new variant: analysis, studies, board editor, all game types and tournaments. A draughts engine is still missing for both Russian and Brazilian draughts, but is expected to be available in the not too distant future. Brazilian draughts is also added to the regular tournament cycle with Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Yearly tournaments, and a Brazilian Shield tournament. A future update will include Brazilian tournaments throughout the day in the hourly tournament schedule. Similar to Russian draughts, an Arena tournament format is available where each game has a random starting position from the FMJD Opening Tables.

We planned a 12 hour Brazilian Inaugural Tournament on Sunday 4th of October from 14:00-02:00 GMT (16:00-04:00 CET), so that everybody can get to know the new variant. This tournament uses the FMJD Opening tables, so there is a different starting position for every game.

The FMJD recognizes the same titles for Brazilian and Russian draughts, so if you have an official title that you want to show on your profile, you can use the usual title verification procedure. Both FMJD and National titles are supported.

An update for the lidraughts app will be released in the near future to add support for Brazilian draughts.