Advice on defence and positional play

I recently started Playing draughts and found this site and I have being playing and studying, but I got a very good advice from a member. That, based on my level (1450-1490) I should concentrate more on defending and building my position, which I have been doing and it has really help my game a lot.
I will like to know is there any where I could get a good study on defence in draughts or how to improve my position during a game, and when best to move forward (attack). I have Googled and nothing came up on the subject which made me make this request
Any advice based on experience would be highly appreciated because New players will get valuable informations from people's responses

It's very dissapointing to see that in, there are mostly openings, patterns an traps except defensive games. And the lidraughts forum community is much dead-off strong players except one or two who can give you some valuable advice on defensive and positional play.