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  3. Analyzed games - where are they?

Coming from the chess community, I'm accustomed to having access to lots of analyzed master games with explanations. For draughts I couldn't find them. There's a Youtube channel with a lot of master games but the moves are only played over, not explained.

Do you know any sources like that?

There are not a lot of sources where you can find high level games explained throughout, or in the English language. We will implement this in the future on this website, and/or work together with others who have analyzed material in books, newspapers and magazines (that mostly needs to be translated for the broader audience).
But on the internet it's very hard to find!

One great magazine is called 'Het Damspel' (The DraughtsGame), a Dutch magazine from the KNDB, the Dutch draughts federation. But I can't find English translations of the magazine.

Some sources (all available in English or more):
Course in Draughts with learning material, a lot based on analysis of live played games:
Kring voor damproblematiek:

You can find Analyzed games here in english. A lot of top game can be found.

Very nice. Bedankt! From that website I reached another e-book series: However, they're in Dutch.

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