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  3. Draughts Complete Course - great material

1- I found this website. Learning and training step by step, starting from zero.

It is in Dutch and it didn't work with Google Translate, but most exercises are self-explanatory and one picks up basic Dutch after a while:)

The e-book series of Tjalling Goedemoed ( claimed that these books go hand-in hand with the Dammentor website, but I couldn't manage to synchrone them. No problem though.

The website is a bit old, it becomes tedious after a while. Collective Lichess study project is indeed needed...

Very nice!

tried it ! couldnt find a way to move the pieces !!! very annoying... they should try to revamp it (2018 fashion)

@rhudors I can move the pieces. Are you sure you're doing it right?

probably not

but didnt see a function to do that