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  3. Tjalling Goedemoed - A course in draughts

For everyone who really wants to take the next step in learning draughts. This is a multi part e-book, translated in many languages, available and free to use for everyone.

Enjoy this spectacular and unique material!
Brought to You by our dear and cosmic friend Tjalling Goedemoed.

We will always remember you; friend, teacher, composer and funny soul of the Cosmos!

Hi bumper do you think you are able to repost the link for an italian translation? Thank you

Ok ok i found it already. On fmjd

yes, in the second link, you can choose the different languages

My goodness, this is excellent! Thank you!

Great book thanks!

I wish somehow the book could be converted into one or more studies... although that would be a rather large ordeal.

I wonder if somehow could be adapted to simplify that conversion process?

That would be great @Toadofsky

Yes, it would! We are hoping to add a section to the website with training material from official sources, something inbetween studies and the practice section lichess has.

We have a lot of other excellent training material and exercises laying around for this, but mostly in pdf/image format.

That's a great link, I was actually thinking of making something like that to help digitalize this material, but of course somebody else already did. Will be interesting to make a draughts equivalent of that!