When will game analysis in draughts 8×8 appear?

Dear developers! When it will be possible to analyze games in draughts 8 × 8 on the site. It is known that on some other sites this opportunity is available.

Lidraughts is FREE, and first of all give your own contribution to this site before you make requests. And let me challenge you: contact ALL draughts software developers and ask them to contribute FREE code for your favorite variant in lidraughts: only then you will be able to quicken the development of lidraughts. Besides, lidraughts is lidraughts, and it is more than ridiculous to compare lidraughts to any other site, because each site is run and developed with own mission.
Currently you are able to export ANY played game in pdn format and import in ANY draughts software which is able to process pdn files. As well, lidraughts allows you to create a study on ANY played game where you can prepare analysis by own thinking process (which is the best approach, because engines will not help you to improve your playing style) or by assistance of other players. Isn't it enough for you?
If you need serious analysis for some opening, you would need to compare solutions by different engines: there are cases where even the best ones (like Kallisto for 8x8 board) propose suboptimal lines.

But why then analysis is available for draughts 10 × 10? According to your logic, why use an engine for them, when for this yourself can also find a special program into which you can export the game notation in pgn format.

You missed to acknowledge that 10x10 engine was implemented because the developer of Scan engine made PUBLICLY AVAILABLE code, unlike many programmers who dream about earning big profit from making draughts software. And it is why I challenge you to contact them.

Hi kalnap and Passionarius,

I've just talked to the author of "Chess and Checkers/Shashki" and he told me this:

<Hello Getulio.
I don't communicate with the author. Source code I take from . I think you can use kestog like it's under Apache license.>

I think that based on the information above, we could use the engine KestoG 1.5 Brazili and also KestoG 1.5 Russian, which everyone has wanted since both were launched.
If necessary, I can also ask him about the address where he got KestoG 1.5 Russian.



We've been trying to have it implemented on the site like Scan 3.1.



The availability of game analysis for 8x8 draughts may vary depending on the specific website or online platform you are using.

Some websites may already offer game analysis for 8x8 draughts, while others may not have implemented this feature yet. To find out if game analysis for 8x8 draughts is available on a particular website,( I recommend checking the website's official announcements, forums, or contacting their support team for the most up-to-date information.

Alternatively, you can explore other online platforms that specialize in draughts and see if they offer the game analysis feature you are looking for. Remember that the availability of features may change over time as websites continue to update and improve their services.