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The place to discuss general draughts topics

Views Replies Last post
puzzle 1542 109 3
by BumperBalloonCars
How is this a mate 29 1
by BumperBalloonCars
puzzle 1704 48 1
by BumperBalloonCars
puzzle 840 104 4
by ffjdmarco
Lidraughts App 123 4
by kostasvl
General Draughts Team 46 0
by kostasvl
Best time to play 836 15
by RoepStoep
Question to organizer of the site 418 7
by easykatochka
Project: Tjalling's courses in studies 1,110 14
by BumperBalloonCars
World Championship Draughts 396 4
by RoepStoep