Another variant of 10x10 draught game.

Good morning everyone. I'm here to ask whether you know this style of 10x10 draught game played in Africa. ( Cameroon, Nigeria, or Ghana...) There:
1) the player is not obliged to capture the high number of pieces if there is a choice to do. He choose where is it advantageous for him. I mean if there is a choice to take two and four pieces, he can choose to take only two.
2) the long diagonal is on the right hands of players.
I will be happy to see it here. Thank you!

This variant is known to me. It is like Pool draughts, but on 10x10 board.
Because majority capturing is not mandatory in this variant, many shot ideas can't be applied from International (here, in lidraughts, called 'standard') draughts. Looking from practical player perspective, this variant eliminates many drawing opportunities in classical positions where the weakest side could escape loss by applying some majority capturing idea.
This variant is playable within "Alfa Checkers" (see ) , and therein it is called 'Ghanaian checkers'.
Is it worth to implement this variant here?
I believe this variant is enough competitive for tournament practice. This variant can serve as a bridge for players who are native to Pool draughts or Russian draughts, because they can apply known tactical ideas, but on bigger board.
However, we would need that variant included in Scan prior to implementation in lidraughts.

Thank you for your concern sir. That variant can be strong to play when you meet a good player. Some champions on standard game cannot defeat local players on that style. We here in Cameroon we play both! And tibis amazing 🙂.
Hope to read you soon!

There is a program named Artsofh on playstore concerning that game. It's just that the program is very weak, easy to play.

plis could you implement killer draughts in lidraughts