Russian puzzles

These puzzles are absolutely amazing.
Thanks for all the hard work coming up with these puzzles.


1.a3-b4 c3:a5 best move 2.e5-f6 e7-d6 3.d4-e5 a5-b4 4.e3-d4 c5:e3 5.f4:d2 d6:f4 6.a7:a3 f4-g3 7.f6-e7 h6:f4 8.b2-c3 And the position of the whites is won

@easykatochka : ah ok it is a positionally easy (for experienced players) win. Thanks for your nice and elaborate answer.

In general: I am a really big fan of the puzzle section on this site despite the occasional error.
But what I miss is the source information and in case of problems, credits to the creators. Is it possible to add this for future additions (not necessarily for the puzzles already there)?

We can consider adding support for showing an author / source @dg. But the fact is that we don't have that information in many cases. Most standard puzzles come from personal collections we received from trainers / coaches, who compiled them again from various different sources. Some combinations are also taken directly from games played on lidraughts and elsewhere. While it is nice to give credit when available, cases where this is practically possible would be very limited.

As a Brazilian I like Russian Draughts. Hahaha