Color of circles and arrows

Hello everyone

I can no longer get red or gold colored arrows and circles : Red (Shift); Gold (Alt + Shift).

Is there a new way to achieve this result?

Thank you for jour advice

Alain Bonnamy

it works for me. Red, gold, blue, green all of them work. with the combinations you mentioned

Thank you vercrg for your clarification, it gives me a little information.

I use a MacBook Pro without a mouse. It could be that following a software update my trackpad was not read up to standard.

Previously I was able to use the four colors as you can see in the “Bombe” chapter.


I found how to get Red and Gold arrows on my Mac Book Pro trackpad.
The method has changed since the software update. Now it uses the double click of the trackpad.

With the Mac keys:

Green: Maj

Blue: Maj + Option

Red: Maj + control (click with 2 fingers)

Gold: Maj + control + option (click with 2 fingers)

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