how to be consistent?

I keep on losing but today i played a game where I didn't blunder, how do I keep doing this?

You need more practice, strengthen your intuition

@SoreLoser you are talking about this game?
In my case, it totally depends on my mood. Like if I'm in a good mood of playing draughts, I find some tactics but if I am in a bad mood, I blunder. In your game you have 0 blunders so you should be proud :) Its just that your opponent made 2 blunders.

yes, that game, i was very proud of it. I wish I am as good as that on a consistent basis

my rating is fluctuating like 200 points, depending on my mood, game speed, concentration on game etc so its totally normal.

You can't consistently not-blunder, especially when you are low-rated.