Lasca: 3D Draughts 👽

This game (originally called Lasca) is a draughts (or checkers) variant, invented by the second World Chess Champion Emanuel Lasker.

A characteristic feature of this variant is that the pieces, instead of being eliminated from the game, are taken prisoner - the taken piece is placed under the taking one, forming a column. The column is ruled by the piece on its top. The capture is performed by jumping over the column commanded by the rival. When an opponent jumps over a column, only its ruler is captured, thus releasing the next piece in the column. In a single move, you can make more than one capture with the same piece, but you cannot jump the same column a second time. Capture is mandatory, but if more than one path is available then it is a free choice. The starting pieces are called Soldiers and are promoted to the Officers on the last rank (promotion ends a multi-capture). Soldiers can only move and take forwards, Officers can also do it backwards (one square, no flying). The board is 7x7 with light squares in the corners. Initially, the Soldiers of each player are on the opposite sides of the board, placed on the light squares in the first 3 lines. The object of the game is to prevent your opponent from moving. A stalemate or taking all of your opponent's pieces captive wins.


This application allows you to play with AI and friends irl. There is also a position editor, allowing you to place up to 100 pieces on the board in any way you want. You can save the created position and start the game or turn on the "AI vs AI" mode, in which the artificial intelligence will play the game with itself - this way you can organize auto-chess-style battles.

Yes, Lasker was probably inspired by Bashni. Lasca is played using "English" rules on 7x7 board, Bashni is played with "Russian" rules on 8x8 board.

Lasca vs Bashni differences:
1. Lasker made the board 7x7 to remove "double-corners" to decrease number of draws.
2. In Bashni, regular pieces can also capture backwards.
3. In Bashni, a queen can jump over many squares like a bishop in chess, in Lasca just can move backwards one square.
4. You keep moving in Bashni if a capture is possible after the promotion. In Lasca promotion ends the move.