Lidraughts Game of the Month June

Hello! In order to animate a little the forums here, I'll try organize a vote like on lichess for the best game every month !
So, plz send here your best game played in June !
Every variant is accepted, and then I'll select 5 games and finally, you'll vote for the best game!
You have to send max 3 game/person before 10th July!
Enjoy! :)

I enjoyed this game and like the idea. A monthly game with human annotations would be great!

Hi @damki_man ! I'm happy you enjoyed this game :) I think I'll try to find a master who will be able to annotate every games of the month! As nobody posts his games, I think I'll try to find a beautiful game by myself from other users :)

I think something like "Combination of the Month" would be better

Then there could be different categories: Frisian, International, Brazilian and Russian

@HawaiiBlue if you want you can help me via messages to find games played on October. In november, we will decide which are the best combinations for every quoted variants :)

I dont know where to look for International combinations. Maybe we can ask in arena