New to this page, is there a way to play American Checkers on this program?

I see there is a brazilian checkers variation that can be played but obviously it is just international draughts played on a 8x8 board. Is there a way to play american checkers/english draughts?

It’s a shame they don’t look at introducing English American draughts, can’t understand why not

We need ENGLISH and POOL draughts available.
We need to humiliate Russian players who hope for 15 moves in "3 (flying) kings controlling long diagonal vs. 1 (flying) king", because under Pool rules they will have to win in 13 moves, and it demands higher accuracy.

Since lidraughts is open source, shouldn't it be possible for anyone to program a new variant? I don't know how expensive it would be to pay someone to add a new variant, but I would be willing to contribute some if it were for adding a variant that interests me.

It's really unfortunate that playstrategy has more variants, but is less popular

What's the story here? Is there some drawback to playstrategy?

PlayStrategy is the best site, but the only drawback is there aren't a lot of players...
But you can invite your friends to play PlayStrategy's tournaments, and the community will grow up!