What is your favorite type of tournament?

Do you prefer tournaments with arena streaks or without them?
Do you prefer tournament with berserk allowed or without it?

Berserk as means of gaining extra points deprives any game of true sportsmanship.
As a tournament option, arena is good, however, I would like to apply some modest multiplier for winning streaks (1.1x for 2 winning streaks, 1.2x for 3 winning streaks etc. ) which could be calculated after tournament is finished. There is no reason to allow one player gaining high number victories against weaker players and to leave the tournament 30 minutes before it ends.
It is true that weaker players should gain extra time bonus in games against higher rated players, but it would be more proper that higher rated players give extra time in these cases instead of going into bullet or blitz mode: btw., here, in lidraughts, you can give extra seconds! However, unlike in real club tournament practice, here, in lidraughts, many lower rated players use this extra time as a tool for flagging, but not as an opportunity to spend more seconds for finding better moves.