2 variants that would be a great variant for Lidraughts

1. Turkish Draughts

Why? Almost all the sites featuring Turkish Draughts have either bad graphics or bad AI, plus you can't play online on almost all of these sites, i think it would be good if Turkish Draughts is added to Lidraughts, i think it's a good variant, and it will stand out among the variants on Lidraughts because of the orthogonal captures and lack of any diagonal movements, and it will bring more people to Lidraughts, particularly people from the Middle East. It also has a lower draw rate than International Draughts, so it's more interesting (for people who don't like draws)
rules = (don't look at the picture in the beginning, it's misleading)

2. Bashni

A very interesting variant from Russia. Imagine Russian Draughts, but when you capture a piece, instead of removing them, you'd make a stack with the capturing piece/stack on top, and the captured piece on the bottom, interesting right?
Since i feel that i can't do justice to the rules of this great game, here's the link of the rules below
rules =

The good news? The games are invented before the 20th century, which means that both games are in public domain, so lack of permission by the creator will not be an issue.

Any tower draughts variant is hard for implementation because a player needs to know the structure of piece, and there is big difference if stacked piece contains two or three enemy draughtsmen!
Semi-tower variants with doubled and/or tripled draughtsmen can be implemented easier.
One of the most enjoyable variants is "Tribunes" which is invented by Latvian player Māris Dūrējs. It is played on 8x8 board, however, 1st row contains pieces formed by stacked tripled draughtsman, 2nd row contains pieces formed by stacked doubled draughtsmen, 3rd row contains pieces formed by single draugtsman. Capturing follows principles of Russian rules, yet, when an opponent must capture doubled or tripled piece, only the first draughtsman is removed. When a stacked piece gets promoted, only first draugtsman of stacked piece gets right of king.
You can try this variant at .

@kalnap i agree that tower variants are quite hard to implement, but i think there's a way =

in Lidraughts, the king is represented by a stack of two pieces of the same color, so we can do things similar to this in Bashni for the towers, but after 3-4 pieces, the pieces in the stack gets thinner, and after 5-6 pieces, the pieces gets thinner again, and so on (starting from 3-4 pieces, every additional height of 2 will make the pieces in the tower thinner)

First about the 'tower'-draughts variants. Personally, I very much enjoyed some of those variants. I played a lot of those OTB when I was a kid. I don't know the names anymore that we used for those variants and/or if they have official names and rules. Anyhow, it is indeed hard to implement. It should be possible, for example to use simply numbers on pieces (a stack of 5 pieces simply shows the number '5' on it). But you also want to know how many pieces of the stack are white or black. So I totally agree with kalnap.

More important: it is very far from a priority to think about such implementation. We rather use our time first to add more well-known variants such as English draughts, Italian draughts and Türkish draughts, or rather adding an engine for the current 64-variants. Again, we can't promise anything or give a time frame about new developments.

I agree, two numbers can be written on the checker itself: the first number is the checkers on top, and the second number is the checkers below. The numbers themselves can be painted in different colors.