A suggestion for new varient

Greetings! I hope this message finds you well. I humbly offer some suggestions that might pique your interest. I have been contemplating some variations of traditional board games and would like to propose 1 option:

Checker vs. Chess - a unique and creative mash-up of two different games. This version allows one player to use checkers while the other uses chess pieces. Additionally, checkers can be placed on the white squares too, creating a dynamic and fun gameplay.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

To be simple, you can't propose one match between tennis and badminton players, where each one plays according to own rules despite that you can adjust some technical similarities for both games. Same goes between chess and draughts players.
Crossovers between chess and draughts are possible, and these crossover games can unite both draughts and chess players.
Some crossover games:
(a) Cheskers (also available in subvariants for 9x9 board and 10x10 board )
(b) Taushkanov chess or Altai Chess : rules in English available at ); youtube video ;
(c) Shabel or Belarusian chess: draughtsmen are moving and capturing according to Russian rules, and any capture by draughtsmen or draughtsqueen is mandatory. Chess pieces move according to standard chess rules. Multiple checks are allowed, and experienced chess players can find interesting that triple check is not a rarity in this game! If a check is delivered, regardless of piece quality (so it can be delivered also by draughtsman and draughtsqueen), it should be eliminated just as in regular chess. The goal is to deliver checkmate or to capture enemy king. Enemy king can be also captured by own king! A player who can't make any legal move, including a capturing move which exposes own king to a check, is lost. Stalemate is a draw.
Play Shabel against VERY WEAK engine: