A text file for tournaments (as available on playok)

Dear responsible of Lidraughts
I think it would be a good thing to give the opportunity to have all the games of a tournament.
Playok gives that opportunity in a .txt file and i use it a lot
It could be very useful for magazines, for analysis but not only. To create big evenments and to talk about them.
I think it would be an error to miss that.
Yours sincerely
Philippe Jeanneret
editor-in-chief "Le jeu de dames"

I did not succeed to download the games of the clock simultane of JohnTCover.
The link with the id does not work.
Is there another possibility to download all games?

The above explanation only works for tournaments. For simuls it is even easier, there is an 'Export simul games' button, on the top right in the simul lobby (this button is visible once a simul is finished):

Thank you RoepStoep for explanations !

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