Automatic capture option Opt-in Oput-out

While this is based on lichess code, I would suggest the implementation of automatic capture as a user-wise parameter (some user can opt for it, some others can chose not to opt for it). In chess, capture is not mandatory. But in International draughts, it is. So I think it is possible to implement it in draught when ther is only one way to take.
Also, there is many paths for legal captures, if the player start capturing, once the rest of the path is unique, just finish it automatically (if user had opt-in auto capture option).

I strongly agree with this change request. Some players do not want to play here because of this missing option. In addition to automatic captures, I also suggest automatic moves, in two ways:

1. when you click a piece that only has one move, it moves automatically.

2. when you click on a field to which only one piece can move, it moves automatically.

These options are especially important on small smartphones, now we have the mobile version.


Auto-capture without any user input is not a good idea, other sites have done it and it's very confusing when there's multiple captures in a row.

One-click moves/captures would be very welcome though, and I suspect it would attract a lot more users to the site. Wieger Wesselink, for instance:

The subject has been discussed before, but we still hold the position not to have one-click captures, at least not in live games.

The main objection is how it changes the feel or flow of the game. We chose to do captures this way because it is closer to how you play over the board. It is a choice you can make, some like it better and some don't.

A problem with one-click captures as a setting, is that it would be too much of an advantage to enable it in quicker games (especially bullet). You would force people to play this way even though they may not like it.

What we can consider is making it a setting for other places on the website, since the objection lies in live games. What do you think about making it a setting that applies to the analysis board, studies and puzzles?

Firstly, I'm not trying to tell you what to do, this is your website and we're all very grateful for it. I'm only writing this to hopefully improve it further.

Enabling one-click moves in puzzles/analysis would be a huge improvement. I think many people would love that.

I understand why you would want to approximate real draughts games as closely as possible, and low time situations can be very fun, but I don't think it's worth it. Playing an online game of draughts feels absolutely nothing like an real game of draughts. Controlling a mouse is a lot harder for most people than controlling their hand, which leads to misclicks and frustrations that just don't exist during real games.

I'm pretty quick and accurate with a mouse, and still I think having to click both squares is an unnecessary layer between the player and the game. Online play will never mimic real play, so you may as well make the experience as frictionless as possible. For many draughts players, using a mouse to play is already a hindrance, so adding artificial barriers only makes them less likely to stay.

As for keeping bullet games fair, I'm certain that almost no draughts players care about that. They're fun, I agree, but the fastest time control most players have experience with is probably something like 5+3. Giving them a bad first impression in order to keep bullet games more interesting seems like a bad trade-off.

Since I started playing draughts many years ago, nearly all competitive play has switched to using an increment. I think this is a clear indication that people want to beat their opponent by playing the best moves, not by having them run out of time. 5+5 makes it nearly impossible for someone to lose in a winning endgame, something that happens very regularly with 10+0. And a 2+0 tournament is something that someone without online draughts/chess experience is absolutely not interested in. I believe 1+1, 3+2, 5+5 tournaments would be a lot more approachable for new users.

I guess we just disagree about this, and it's ultimately up to you, but from what I've read and heard you seem to be in a minority on this. Most people just want to have a good time playing draughts without any annoyances, not out-move their opponent in a game of bullet.

A very good explanation by Tim!

I'm both a chess player and draughts player. All my chess friends and me are very enthusiastic about lichess, for many years.

I would like lidraughts to become as popular as lichess, but have to conclude that not having the one-click capture is a serious inhibitor for draughts players to join lidraughts.

This is a problem that does not exist in chess games. But in a draughts game, when there is a forced capture of 4 pieces for instance, it is really annoying that you have to click on 4 empty fields for this single forced move.

In lichess fortunately there are also a couple of automatic moves that differ from real over the board play! Most notably is castling. Over the board, castling is actually the combination of two movements: one by the king and one by the rook. However, in lichess only the movement of the king is required, after which the rooks moves automatically! The same reasoning can be hold for a promotion, for which the "auto-queen" option has been implemented, and the "en passant" rule, where only the pawn move is required and the captured piece is removed automatically again.

So, I would like to ask BumperBalloonCars to please reconsider the opinion on this.

I totally agree with Tim and KoningEric. It’s really annoying to click on all empty fields. Especially in the situation when you’re trying to solve tactics. But in live games it’s a pitty as well.

In my opinion it’s stubborn to keep the current idea.The common opinion is very clear to me. Only the programmers won’t see this.

I believe I should have some option in the tools where you can enable automatic capture, where you could just in case compulsorily capture pieces when there are no other capture options, on the issue of capturing more pieces, I think it is better to let the player does it manually, because there can often be different ways in which they can lead to different positions with the same number of catches, whether five or more, letting this become automatic also influences the automatic choice of the best bid if to do it justice, in my view, it is better to without in live game.

Archange007 commented on an interesting point of view, could let it automatically capture when started a sequence, but the sequence would only be interrupted if there were other ways to choose for the player.

In short, I believe there could be a mechanism where there was quick capture of unique and mandatory bids, but only enabled by it.

Automatic capture is justified when it is forced (no other options). Only kids (and not all kids) can enjoy that all possible captures are indicated and that a computer stops automati capture at point where a player has some choices.

Completely automatic capture is never justified. Other websites have tried it and it's a mess, there's no point in repeating those mistakes. Single-click moves (including captures) is the way to go.