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And the result is not 0-0, it is still won or lost for one side, it's a normal game, it just doesn't count for the tournament

My only goal was to let you think about the ending of a tournament. To me it is still strange you can start a game in a tournament and don't let the result count in the tournament. You start a match to make it count for the tournament, so if you can not finish it, why let it start. So; take a look at the criteria when to last start a game.
A normal game is a game where the result counts for the match/tournament. If you play a live tournament on a saturday and it's scheduled to end at 17.00h, sometimes there are reasons to let this deadline pass. Think about "barrages" (don't know the english word) or special circumstances.
So either adapt the criteria for starting matches or let the deadline be more flexibel, I would advise. Of course, it is up to you.