Chat room for players and organizers of a tournament managed by Swiss software

Dear administrators

We intend to organize a blitz tournament with swiss system (surely with the help of DraughtsArbiterPro).
There is a link between Lidraughts and DAP but its always possible that some mistakes occur ; and some general informations should be given to all the particpants : so we need to have chat space to exchange quickly about difficulties and progress of tournament.
Does offer Lidraughts some service of this kind.
I think it is possible to create a team and have discussion via the forum of this team but it is not very quick because one has always to solve a little puzzle to send a message.

The messages shoud be of this sort :
"what is the result of the game between xxx and yyy ?"
"xxx has won in the second round"
"the games of the third round are published at this adress http://...."
"the fourth round starts at 18.00"
"I have a problem : i can't start my game against zzz"
and we don't need to save them after the tournament.


No, there is no special chat function in which you can add players, solely for something like this. Lidraughts does not offer different tournament systems yet and we don't use DAP ourselves. The team forum is a very good solution, although I understand your point of the CAPTCHA. On the other hand, it isn't that much extra work or a big deal to solve the CAPTCHA.
Besides this, you can point out a tournament organizer or special contact who people can send personal messages too to solve problems or other things.

Kind regards

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