Hello. I see your site use the same platform as lichess. And I have some suggestions. I'm mostly a chess player, I have not plaied draughts-100 before, but I plaied enough good Russian checkers variant. Why you do not add different variants of checkers-64 to your site?

Also it should be good to use the same apps like lichess for Android and ios and to link clearly your site to lichess because unfortunately your site is nearly unknown, but lichess is known to anyone who plays the chess, and many chess players like the checkers

Welcome chessplayer3333!

Thanks for the suggestions. Adding variants on an 8x8 board is not a trivial matter. Besides that it is far from easy to support different boardsizes in the same framework, they are also very different games. Lidraughts was aimed at the international variants first and foremost, and there is still a lot of development and growth to be had in that direction. This might be an option at some point in the future, but is by no means a short term plan.

You are right that an app would be a great addition, and I am happy to say that it is development priority #1 right now. Hopefully it can be made available somewhere in the coming weeks!

It is up to lichess in what way they link their site to ours. Thibault was very happy his open source work was used to make this website possible, and did announce it on twitter etc when we launched last year. Any publicity is welcome of course, and (li)chess players do find their way here, but they are separate communities in the end.

Thanks for you reply. But the differences between the checkers 64, in particular Russian variant and the draughts are not very critical. You can use the same board as lichess. Please do something and add at least the principal variants (Russian, Italian and Brasilian) soon.

It isn't as easy as you would expect. If you aren't a programmer, please don't just. You don't understand how difficult it is to implement the "simplest" things. Now with that said, I'm sure in the future lidraughts will implement this. However they don't havethe speed of lichess because all the developers here are parttime, just a hobby.

What if lichess' programming team helps lidraughts' ?

(I really wish 64-checkers were implemented, because it will help promoting lidraughts in Italy, Russia and many other countries)

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