Copy of the notation - not good.

If you copy (Ctrl-C) the game notation (on the game page), you'll have it with the needless spaces, like so (Ctrl-V):


Could you please make the notation so that its copy looked like so:
1 g3-f4 f6-e5
2 h2-g3 g7-f6
3 c3-b4 b6-a5
4 b4-c5 d6:b4
5 a3:c5 e5-d4

(Reference, any gambler game page, e.g.:

@Geistero No need for this. When your game is finished, you can download a pdn file which contains ALL information.
As well, even if there is no engine for draughts-64 yet, you can make analysis manually and copy moves from respective field.
Lidraughts will not be gambler, and gambler will not be lidraughts: each has own uniqueness. Besides, you must be aware that gambler doesn't meet requirements of pdn 3.0!

I know that I can download a pdn-file. But it's just easier to select the text and instantly copy/paste it into a program for analysis. And it's not about gambler vs. lidraughts at all. Jealousy or under-the-carpet battle (if it exists) has nothing to do here. Your argumentation is like to say that a redundant space in the URL-code is a uniqueness of the project. But it's not, because a redundant space in the URL-code is just a mistake in the coding...:)
Lidraghts doesn't have a mistake there, they are just using a kinda "table" design, which causes those additional spaces, but it's not convenient and could be changed to make the usability more user-friendly, what will make the Lidraughts even more competitive and better then other platforms...:) That's all about it.

@Geistero Table design doesn't allow easy "copy & paste", therefore it delays cheating in any online game. As for "post mortem" analysis, availability of pdn export is sufficient. Therefore, lidraughts already is and it always will be user-friendly. Moreover, if you need this "tableless" design, you could ask any Javascript programmer for making conversion tool which removes any needless spaces.

Not true at all. First of all, lidraughts doesn't use a table design. Secondly, it is possible now to easily copy\paste a notation during the game, so the current coding does allow cheating without any problem. In order to prohibit cheating, the code should be protected from selecting(!) the notation during the game (as it is done on And this is another thing the lidraughts should think about.
What I ask, is simply to remove spaces in the notation. It has nothing to do with cheating.