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What about creating draughts 8x8 ?

That would basically just be checkers...

not exactly Redscales, it would be Brazilian draught and it has some popularity (on playok there is more player playing 8*8 than 10*10)

So I think the idea is a good one (he is not the first asking for brazilian draught)

That would not be checkers. I see loads of people on youtube playing not 10x10 but 8x8 apparently.

There will probably not be variants on an 8X8 board


I also suggest it to the developers.
I am from brazil and here the 8x8 has many players who would like to play here.

So, I could translated the website to Portuguese.

8x8 now!!!

@Shapiro I think you also send an e-mail to

I send a reply there with the missing Portuguese translations if you'd like to help out

i am also interested in 8x8 (Brazilan and russian)

Hi Roep,

I sent an email to the developers asking to add the 8x8 variant, but they told me that at the moment it is not a priority but they will think.

About the translation I've already started to translate some sentencas.

Whenever you want I'm here to help.

Know that you have a great friend from Brazil and a lover of the sport.

I send a reply there with the missing Portuguese translations if you want to help