English Checkers?

I notice that the vast majority of players here are not from Anglophone nations, in these nations we think of draughts as the basic form without men being able to take backwards and no flying kings. Before I found this site, this was the only form of checkers I knew of.

While unfortunately 'checkers' is seen as a 'dead' game in the Anglophone world, it might be a good idea to add English Checkers as an option here on Lidraughts, as it may help more players familiar with that version to play here and act as a stepping stone to the more complex versions like International or Russian draughts.


Its in the works not many people do coding here so give it a bit.

The current plans for development are to expand features for the already existing variants, although very likely there will be more variants at some point. Most probably next variants will be without flying kings, i.e. English/Italian draughts.

I've heard from a friend of mine that theres is a small group of players and they are developing a profesional checkers website

Regarding English Draughts .... I would very much like to be able to bring my chess juniors into the world of competitive draughts/checkers in an environment they are already comfortable (we do everything online in

As we are based in ireland, english Draughts rules is the most natural starting point for them to build the fundamentals -- before expanding into the russian ruleset etc variants. We will initially like to stay on 64 squares ... as it suits our existing chess boards at player's homes (and the club ... Whenever real over the board club activities get to resume properly).

We love the lichess ecosystem and it lidraughts would be a natural home for me introducing the players and students to english draughts and beyond.

@firstposition You might even enjoy Celtic draughts: they are played under English rules with the only exception that each side makes two actions per turn. Because of this particularity, there are more tactical opportunities:

Interesting stuff that celtic draughts - thanks :-)

Is there an approximate timeline for when English draughts rules might be an available option?
i appreciate the nature of the organisation and we have found to have been truly invaluable over the last year ,,,,, so a genuine thanks to all involved!

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