Horsey reaction in forum posts

Horsey is logo of lichess that's why it's an emoji to react with in lichess :D

But, Lidraughts has nothing to do with Knights and horseys! Please remove it!

@Diwaditya There are some games related to draughts where there is a piece which make moves related to knights / horseys.
Perhaps, the most popular of them is Cheskers : . In that site you see Camel instead of Knight / Horsey, but that piece makes moves according to checkerboard particularity (i.e., no moves on lightsquares). So, technically that Camel is Horsey / Knight transformation for playing on checkerboard.
By the way, Cheskers is very interesting game, and it would be very good if some site can make it playable. I believe pychess would be great place for Cheskers. Anyone can play Cheskers here: ; on 9x9 checkerboard ; on 10x10 checkerboard or .
As well, there is a crossover between draughts and halma called Camelot. (Halma game is a derivation from draughts, and there are three basic differences: a player can jump over own and opponent pieces, removal of opponent pieces is allowed only in some variants and in very particular cases, and in halma games the goal is to occupy certain area of board which, generally, is under control of opponent pieces at the beginning.) There is a knight / horsey in Camelot, but it doesn't make moves similarly to chess! Instead, that knight / horsey can combine jumping and capturing in one move according to rules .
Camelot is as much hard as Frisian draughts: it requires recognition of tactical patterns on high level, because jumping and capturing can be executed in all available directions. Camelot has many variants, and the most of them are implemented at under section "Races". I believe many lidraughts players might enjoy that game.
Therefore, I don't feel that horsey at lidraughts is an abomination: for me, it is a sign that many board games are related.

(I haven't read #2)
I agree, remove it. Not because lidraughts has nothing to do with knights, but because it sucks!(Expecting many dislikes)