Increase amount of teams for battles

Dear admin,

Is it possible to implement the option to accept more than ten teams in a teambattle? This could (hopefully...)be usefull for some of the teambattles. We hope to organise a tournament with >10 teams.

Kind regards,

I like your plans for the teambattles! I will discuss both this question and the question about multiple team leaders.

Hi Bumper,

Can you provide us with an update? Or contact me directly? Thx!

Kind regards,

Hi @kingJoffrey94,

I have taken a look at increasing the limit for the amount of teams in a team battle.
I will give this priority because of the Friday team battles you hold.
It will take some work, but hopefully there will be enough time to get it done this weekend.

Same thing for additional team leaders. This can be a really useful feature, so I will implement it after the team battles.

If there are any updates, I will post them here in the forum.

Regards Stefan

Hi Stefan,

Many thanks for your quick reply! I hope you'll succeed soon, and will await for your update :)

Kind regards,

It is now possible to have team battles with up to 100 teams. I hope that is enough!