LIDRAUGHTS Tile Not Working

Hello, all my Friends and Players!!!

Few Days ago, I tried to add the Ligraughts Tile to my Tab's Home Screen so as to get easy to click on it and directly get access to Lidraughts. It got added to my Home Screen but when I click it, unlike Lichess Tile, it shows----- "403 PAGE NOT FOUND"

Please take a look to this Problem.

Thank You

Also Please note that I removed the Lidraughts Tile and Again Inserted in my Home Screen by Rechecking and Ensuring that it was and it was the showing same (Page Not Found).

Has been fixed, thanks for reporting. If you remove the tile and add it again, it should work.

Your browser has probably cached the invalid homepage tile information. Try clearing the cache, and then adding it to the homepage again.

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