Mobile lidraughts. Create a game in the background

Now, after creating own game, a new window opens, and you have to wait for a partner. Since the number of players is still quite limited on the server, you can wait for long time without any success. The problem is that you can't do anything else while wating. It would be perfect, if this feature works on the background, so that a user could,z.B., read the Study pages, watch other games, editing a profile, etc., and as soon as a partner accepts your challange, the programm automatically switches to the board to start the game.


Indeed, if you use the app, quick pairing can take still some time. But to be honest, it's not likely your idea will be realized in the future, nor can we give a timeframe for a different solution. Most probably the app will get a lobby just like on the website.
Our advice for now: you can use Lidraughts now on your mobile phone just like on your PC or tablet (read more information about this in our blogpost about the V2 interface: Otherwise we can only ask to be more patient.

Kind regards