Name of team battle tournament

I tried to create a team battle tournament.
It appears that a name is given to this tournament with a name of a well-known player.

is it possible to modify this name.
I try to create un french competition so i prefer to choose name as Ghestem,... in order to Van Lith or idrisova.
Is it possible ?


Yes, it is possible!

Click on the First Gear Option to change the Tournament Settings. If you click that, there you can change the name of the Tournament to your desired choice.

What AnonymousNewAccount says, but a catch is that your account must be active for a while before it can name tournaments.

I see @Onlineffjd is not intended for playing, but for organizing tournaments and managing teams, so I have marked this account as "Verified". This way it can set tournament names without the need to fulfill the other requirements.

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