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In this page we will suggest new pieces sets.

I have a 8 bit set to suggest,
here you can download them, just right-click on them and download, they are .svg files.

There are three versions of the king so tell me what's better

I think the kings with crown look best, as they stand out more. I've moved the men a bit lower so they align better with the other pieces. I think they look good:

If you agree with them like this, I can add them to the website! Any preference for a name of the pieceset, or shall I just call them 8-bit?

They are beautiful.
Just call them 8-bit.

I'm the happiest person in the world!

Next work: FRISIAN!

Because it's inspired by "fabirovsky" set i'll call it "FRISIANOVSKY"

Great, I will include the 8-bit pieces in the next server update, they will likely be available tomorrow morning.

Frisian (pompeblêd) pieces are a nice idea too, I will try them out on the board later! I wonder at what angle they would look best, I'd like to try several versions besides the current top-down one

OK tell me if I have to modify them