New pieces sets

There are three versions of the king so tell me what's better

I think the kings with crown look best, as they stand out more. I've moved the men a bit lower so they align better with the other pieces. I think they look good:

If you agree with them like this, I can add them to the website! Any preference for a name of the pieceset, or shall I just call them 8-bit?

They are beautiful.
Just call them 8-bit.

I'm the happiest person in the world!

Next work: FRISIAN!

Great, I will include the 8-bit pieces in the next server update, they will likely be available tomorrow morning.

Frisian (pompeblêd) pieces are a nice idea too, I will try them out on the board later! I wonder at what angle they would look best, I'd like to try several versions besides the current top-down one

With them being a variation on fabirovsky pieces there would be three piece sets that come in two variants, I think that's ok. I've created a screenshot with the frisianovsky pieces on the board editor:

Only square svgs render properly and these were rectangular, so I had to increase their height to be equal to the width. They are about as wide as the default "wide with crown" pieces it appears, but they take up more space in total. Maybe they are a bit too big, with every piece filling up almost the entire square. Could you make them slightly smaller?

Also I would like to compare with a version where they are oriented the same way as the traditional Frisian symbol, pointing north-east so to speak. Thanks.

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