I think that there should be added an option to become a Patron without creating PayPal account, like it is possible on There's one option to pay with PayPal and the other option to pay with credit card.


You can also do that from the PayPal checkout screen in fact. Click the Donate with PayPal button, and then Pay with Credit Card instead of logging in to PayPal. Maybe this should be indicated somewhere on the patron page.

You are right that the direct creditcard payment option that lichess has would be better (using Stripe), we would like to add that too at some point in the future. But at the moment we can't because you need to be a registered business or charity before you can use their API.

That's right, but if you want to pay with credit card, you still have to create a PayPal account.

Not if you click the 'Pay with Debit or Credit Card' button on the PayPal page. Then you get their 'Guest Checkout' form, where you have to enter your credit card details and billing address, but no account is required.

I don't have a button 'Pay with Debit or Credit Card' on the PayPal page. It only asks me to create an account or to enter my e-mail or phone number. Then when I enter my e-mail address, it shows me the form where I have to input my credit card details, but at the bottom of a page there's a form 'Create your PayPal account', which I have to fill in, in order to continue.


After testing a bit with Tor, it appears they present either a 'Pay with Debit or Credit Card' or a 'Create an Account' button, depending on the country your IP is from. I'm sorry about that, I wasn't aware they offer different options in different countries.

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