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  3. Puzzle 832

Additionally, 25-20, 33-28, 44-40 wins a piece

Yes, I saw that one when I created the puzzle.

In this case, Scan evaluates the position on depth 34 with 'just' +3 (after 8 minutes evaluating). With the 'right' solution the evaluation is +7 on depth 34, and after a minute or so a win in a maximum of 17 moves.

Some puzzles have multiple, additional, solutions. FYI: if the lines all clearly win or have the same evaluation approximately.

In my personal opinion, winning the piece does not win clearly enough. You need to work way to hard to win in comparison to the 'right' solution (mainly confirmed by the analysis). Of course this is sometimes arbitrary.

This reminds me of the famous quote attributed to Emanuel Lasker, the chessplayer: "If you find a good move, look for a better one."