puzzles premoves

It's only a small quality of life thing, but I seem to no longer be able to premove my moves in puzzles when waiting for the moves from the opponent. I want to say this started when the option for single click captures was introduced, but I am not sure this is correct.

Indeed this seems to be the case in some puzzles, and yes, it seems it started after the single click option. We will investigate this further later since it is a minor problem compaired to our other plans for now.

Quick update:
When you use the one-click option for multi-captures, you indeed can't premove a multicapture. You can still premove a single capture or regular move. In a multicapture it gives you the opportunity to premove the first capture of the sequence, but with the one-click option on, it doesn't work because you need to click to the endfield of the whole sequence. So the problem is known and clear.

I hope this is understandable;) Anyhow, maybe we can find a solution for this later on.

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