Rating at a fixed moment for qualification

Hi Stefan and all admins
I woul like to know if in the future, it could be possible to know the rating of a player at a certain
The goal is to have a critere for qualification.
Imagine france blitz championship. 5+3s. We need to distribute players in good series.
And we need a limit date to look at rating.
Thanks for answer.
Philippe J.


You can already see in your profile your rating over time per timecontrol for international draughts and the variants. This is also visible for other players. On your profile you see colored lines over a certain time. If you hold your mouse above the lines, you can see the rating at that time per variant or timecontrol. Below the lines, you see a bar that you can move from rights to left and vice versa. On the top left (underneath your followers, blockers, tournamentpoints etc.) you can look at the rating over the past month (1m), 3 months, 5 months etc.

I hope this helps for the great plans you are making.

Best of wishes,

In many tournament organizations on Lichess, an average of player's best rating reached and current rating is used.

Example: Player's best rating reached ever: 2250
Player's current rating: 2150
Therefore Player gets 2200 as a starting rating.

Just an idea for you to consider...

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