Rename "Russian draughts" to "draughts64"

I am Volodymyr, the author of the channel (15000+ subscribers) and an active draughts person in Ukraine.
I plan to host streams again on my channel.
But, I am embarrassed by the name of the tournament "Russian Arena". Can you rename these tournaments to "Draughts-64 Arena" or just Draughts Arena?
And can you rename game "Russian Draughts" to "Draughts-64" or just Draughts?

@damkinet what's wrong with the Russian Draughts??? This variant is the most popular in ex-soviet countries

I fully support! russia just appropriated the name for itself.

Russian draughts From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Russian draughts (also known as Shashki or Russian shashki) is a variant of draughts (checkers) played in Russia and some parts of the former USSR, as well as parts of Eastern Europe and Israel.
Genres Board game
Abstract strategy game
Players 2
Setup time 10–60 seconds
Playing time 5 minutes for blitz

15 minutes for rapid
45 minutes for classic
Chance None
Skills Strategy

All the post-Soviet countries played these checkers, but why are they called russians?

Official rules were printed in Russia in 1884. The first Russian championship was held in 1894. The following three took place in 1895, 1898 and 1901.

The first championship in the Soviet Union occurred in 1924, first women's championship was in 1936. From 1924 to 1991 there were 51 men's championships and 35 women's. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, championships have been held in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus and other Post-Soviet states.

The first world championship of Russian draughts occurred in 1993 as part of the World championship in draughts-64 (Russian and Brazilian variant — since 1985) under the auspices of the Section-64 World Draughts Federation. The European championship of Russian draughts is held as part of the European championship in draughts-64 (Russian and Brazilian), as well as at national championships.

It should be left the way it is. Take your political agendas elsewhere.

Russian draughts are not the only checkers variant on a 8x8 board. In fact most of them are. Calling it draughts 64 is a terrible idea. Shashki may be a good compromise if everyone is willing but its largely pointless. Russian draughts is fitting.

A. Petrov (same one who is honoured in chess world by Petrov's defence, btw.) had published the first book on "Russian" draughts. However, he doesn't use ANY reference to RUSSIA or RUSSIANS. For him, it was "простыя шашки", which is literary translated as "simple draughts". Therefore, there is no historical evidence that the variant which was gradually spread through Russian empire, should be called as "Russian draughts". Moreover, no one had attested that "fly-through promotion" was invented by some Russian player or that new variant was named in honour of Russia.
As well, anyone needs to acknowledge that Russian empire was multinational, and many of these nations also played draughts according to rules, which were officially published and promoted by A. Petrov. These nations don't call this draughts variant as Russian, they even omit this attribute! Even nowadays, only trained and educated players from Baltic countries know that the most popular draughts variant on 8x8 board is "Russian draughts", but all other people call it as "draughts" without any attributes.
There is rational reason to label any draughts variant for classification purposes, yet, from historical perspective, it would be better to call this variant as "Petrov draughts" (which is not offensive to any nation, by the way) or "fly-through jumping draughts".