Using Lidraughts for managing a team championship and broadcast it ?

I m thinking on organising a team championship online.
France is a big country and there are few draughts clubs. So if u want to create a team championship it will be very difficult because of long distances between clubs.
An alternative would be to do an online team championship (non official of course).
The 'tournament' function of Lidraughts is useless in this case because it doesnt take into account teams and the matches are decided by the server.
So i imagine we can manage the matches ouside lidraughts and infomr each player against who he should play and with which colours. We can imagine that whites can defy black ones and so it could works (each game is known by an http adress that can be given to the organiser.

I saw that there is a beta version for broadcasting games (belgian championship, frisian championship,..)
I wonder how it would be possible to group all the games of the team championship to broadcast them and maybe comment them ?

Thank you for answers and suggestions to improve this basical idea.

It would be nice if you can get something like that going! It could work to have the players setup their games themselves, with an organiser managing the pairings.

I'm not sure what you have in mind for broadcasting the games, could you explain more? It is currently not possible to have games on lidraughts as a live broadcast like the belgian championship (although they could be grouped in a study afterwards of course). I guess you are looking for a way to have a live stream with commentary each round?

The point was : i wish i could to group only the games i wish in a same global board.
If i use "parties en cours" ("running games" in english i think) i will, see all the games played at the moment even some which are not played for the team competition.

If one can select games which appear on a control board then I assume it is esay to have live stream and eventually comment games.

Ok, I understand. There is currently no way I can think of to group games like that, at least not while they are in play. The 'current games' page only shows the 9 highest rated games, so that is not of much use. Of course you could open the games in different tabs or something, but that is far from ideal.

Maybe it is an idea to add a feature for that, which allows you to create a study with live games of your choice, similar to a broadcast. I'll give it some thought if something like that is doable, and how (so that it not become a tool for cheating for example) .

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