First player with 10.000 games?

Hi all,

Who will be the first player with 10.000 games on Lidraughts? Will it be @Hazeleger? Or @Koroma?

With a difference of just 41 games, the 'race' will remain to be very exciting. I'm sure you will get there soon! With this topic I will send you both my dearest appreciation!

I compare you guys with ASONINYA ( one of my personal favorite players of Lichess, a legend, both because of his beautiful, lovely personality ánd as one of the most loyal players on the website (to know: 166.893 ultrabullet games, still counting!).

Greetings, BumperBalloonCars

you know what would be cool? Special trophies like the ones they have on lichess, like way of berserk

I will congratulate @Koroma for being the first player with more than 10.000 games on Lidraughts! Amazing work and we see this as a big compliment for the website. Thank you very much and hopefully you will keep having fun!

Hazeleger will follow you very soon, but you can be proud to be the first!

Kind regards, Bumper

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