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As this is in the unrelated forum and most of you guys come from Lichess I would just like to let everyone know that some of the moderators there are going power hungry and close players accounts they don't like, even if they don't break the TOS. Just trying to let everyone know, and if your saying just file a complaint to Lichess appeal they have ignored my request.

I made the following post in this thread

#14 You should change your post to "Postive feedback is helpful" because if you give negative feedback your account will be closed. The other problem with this is that your account can be closed for this and noone ever has to give an explanation why the account was closed.

If you have problems with the lichess moderators there's not much point in discussing them here, lidraughts and lichess are separate entities...

I agree with your point and I understand, however I am trying to do what little I can. Since Lichess does not have a freedom of speech clause I am using another platform which I believe does.

I would love to discuss this issue there, however it is not possible to have a fair discussion on their site or on their discord since most people who voice a negative opinion have their accounts banned or closed.

Not exactly true. There are some mods on lichess that are quick to ban, but the vast majority aren't. Also, about free speech... Lichess has the most free speech out of all chess sites I know including chess24 and

Well it seems I have just had bad luck of running into the mods that are quick to ban then seeing as my account was closed within 2 minutes after posting the above comment. I was then IP banned after this post, Which was made after moderators refused to respond to me about my account ban when I asked what I did wrong.