Streamer problem

I applied for streamer few days ago. But still not approved? Can someone help that i can finnaly stream?


#1 you should have patience. Wait for few more days. I have also requested for streamer approval but it takes time. And next time, post it in LIDRAUGHTS FEEDBACK section.

in lichess my stream was approved but i didn't knew what to do after that \_('-')_/

@Fox_chess1 thats suspicious. Are you sure you gave correct YouTube or Twitch link? Or if your channel is very inactive or you may have filled the streaming request in a wrong way?

As for me, my streaming request was checked yesterday only after 12 hours i sent the request.

@AnonymousNewAccount aa few hours ago, my email said something and said that they cant approve because i didn't fiil out every thing. What should i do?

Streaming image? Where to put that? I am trying to do that but i don't know where