Opening Book

I was wondering if lidraughts is ever going to have a opening book for draughts ( like players onine and master games)

Yes, we hope to get an opening book as a feature. But our focus is on other things first. Do it is not to be expected very soon.

What is currently the most advanced debut book for 10x10 draughts? I mean the paper version.

(1) Agafonov's encyclopedical book on openings (in Russian, Агафонов В.П. Курс дебютов: международные шашки; available in djvu format for downloading at ) is old, but still valuable book, although it offers too many variations and continuations, and, I don't know a player who could benefit from this book fully.
(2) There is more contemporary book on openings in English: : it covers most common openings that are played nowadays, but I believe that it would be beneficial only for upper-intermediate players.
(3) For beginners and pure intermediate players I would recommend an excerption of openings that are covered in book by Buzhinsky and Shaus (in Russian: Бужинский Э.З. Шаус Я.Л. Теория и практика международных шашек; available in djvu format for download at ), starting from p. 182. It gives an insight in top openings, which are comprehensible and safe for playing at all levels.