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6 posts found

Lidraughts Feedback - Anti-Draughts: we ask for your help #20

hangrad you are a genius

by Regulator
Lidraughts Feedback - Lidraughts official draughts titles #5

Great job!

by Regulator
Lidraughts Feedback - Embeddable board #6

Excellent job Roep! The progress you are making is unbelievable! In a year, this site will be the most popular draughts site ever! I will continue to support you are your agenda! Thank you. -Regulator

by Regulator
Regulators - Endgame question #2

You can find drawing rules and drawing rules here

by Regulator
Regulators - Rated Frisian Ultrabullet (0.25+0) Unavailable #3

Sorry about it :(. It would just be unfair in frisian... the taking abilities would make it near impossible

by Regulator
Regulators - Rated Frisian Ultrabullet (0.25+0) Unavailable #2

It is... variant ultra is not allowed on this site and on lichess

by Regulator