Opening theory 1

Here I show a trick from some opening.

The take-home message should be that you have to be cautious when you put a man "under" another man because you create a forced move for yourself which might result in an undesired result.

It also nicely shows how to make use of the rule that more material is forced.

If I got positive feedback on this one I might make more.

I got the question if 33-38 is really a good move. For an answer I need to trust other sources than myself, and yes it is indeed a reasonable way to play in this position. It seems counter-intuitive, since you are moving a piece to the middle of the board, which is generally an unsafe place for your pieces to be in a Frisian game. However, it is not really generally true and sometimes there are games that are more played in the center than at the sides. (Maybe I can find a good example one day.) Also, in opening theory there might be interesting stuff going on, and good moves can indeed be very counter-intuitive. A good example is the Meike move in this game which is indeed a very strange move. For 33-38 it is less strange, because the piece is 33 isn't strong anyway, so moving it more in the weak corner of white is not really a problem. What can be considered a mistake is 39x30. If black in this position stops the temptation to play 20-25, he can bring up the piece from 2 up to the board, and white is not having a very good position, mostly because its left flank is very weak, and the piece structure is also not so good. A better capture from white could be to do 35x33, reinforcing the center instead. In continuation moves, the idea can also be to reinforce the center instead of the sides by moving 36 to 27 for example.

EDIT: Most openings are not good for white. In Frisian draughts black usually has the opening advantage. I wonder what it is in international draughts?

Thnx, I understand.

The extra game is interesting. I suppose the 'Meike move' is 27-22 on move 6? And on 7-12 or 8-12 white will play 39-33, taking back with 34. Or is the Meike move 27-22 on move 2 allready?

The last link you posted is a private study. So we can't get in until we're a member. Maybe you can change that (when it's ready).

Whoops, I posted the wrong link. The original is open, but I cloned it for myself. But you already have seen it, so this is for other people.

The Meike move is move six from white indeed. Move 2 is just an opening. The moves you say don't make sense to me.

On move 6, black can play 7-12 or 8-12 (instead of 9-14). I suppose white than will play 39-33 and trade 33x31.

Yes, but black can also play 16-21 and be up a piece, there are no trading possibilities for that one. However, you can argue that it is worth it because of the positional benefit. Like a gambit in a draughts game!

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