Draughts Olympiad

Rules of the Draughts Olympiad
1. The Draughts Olympiad is a draughts Olympiad in 11 variants of draughts (Bullet, Blitz, Rapid, Classical, UltraBullet, Frisian,
Antidraughts, Breakthrough, Frysk!, Russian, Brazilian).
2. Only national teams of countries participate in the Draughts Olympiad. The name of the team must include the name of the country (symbols of the country). Only active national teams participate in the Draughts Olympiad
(open national teams or active organizer (which was active at least 1 time in a week)
3. Each variant will be played in 2 tournaments (one with fast time control and the other with slow time control).
4. The team with the most medals wins. 3 medals are awarded in each tournament. All medals go to the teams ' piggy bank.
5. There are no prizes

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