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Correspondence Draughts TEAM

This is a group where we will be hosting correspodence draughts tournaments . Everyone is welcome to join the group
Location: International

Forum (6)

  1. Open 1-day Correspodence Tournament #1 kostasvl

    This tournament will be Standard , but since you also want to play frisian I will soon open registrations for a frisian tournament .

  2. Open 1-day Correspodence Tournament #1 RoepStoep

    Ah I see I replied in the wrong topic now. Same thing, I also want to play, both Frisian and/or ordinary draughts

  3. Open 1-day Correspodence Tournament #1 Rive12345

    I will join, but only play Frisian. So depends if you allow this, or that you make it separate from the players playing Polish. I think the latter. In the latter case it will off course matter how

  4. Open 1-day Correspodence Tournament #1 kostasvl

    Hello guys . I am starting a new fast correspodence tournament with 1 day time control for each move . The tournament will start in the 1st day of October . Everyone is welcome to join this tournam

  5. Correspodence Draughts forum Rive12345

    Any players who want to play a game of Frisian with me?

  6. Correspodence Draughts forum lidraughts

    Welcome to the Correspodence Draughts forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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