General Draughts Team TEAM

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#2nd most crowded team on!!!

This team is for everything related to draughts. You can host arena tournaments, simuls or a championship.
You can also post studies and istructive material about draughts, puzzles and famous streamers.
Open to all members.

Aiming on hosting events such as:
- simuls
- arena tournaments
- correspondence tournaments
- grand prixs
- 💰 prize tournaments 💰
- team battles

Accepting applications from people to host events in the team

Sub-Teams of the General Draughts Team:
- Correspondence Draughts
- Titled Draughts Players

Completed Events:
-Simul by MF Cavia:

Also hosting the GDT League! If you want your team added send a message to @kostasvl!
Location: Lidraughts


Best teams Team Battle3+2 • Frisian • Rated • 6h10 teams battle
Draughts Champions League I Team Battle3+2 • Blitz • Rated • 1h 10m10 teams battle
GDT Premier League Team Battle3+2 • Blitz • Rated • 2h10 teams battle
GDT Premier League Team Battle3+2 • Blitz • Rated • 2h10 teams battle
Frysk Team Battle3+0 • Frysk! • Rated • 5h9 teams battle


GDT Premier League All-Time Winnerskostasvl •

4x General Draughts Team 3x La Team Ivoire 1x MDK 1 Bydgoszcz

GDT Premier League All-Time Winnerskostasvl •

Below there will be a list of all the teams that have won the GDT Premier League!

teamE5E5E •

You are invited to the group

GDT 100 members Arena!kostasvl •

We celebrate the fact that the GDT reached 100 members!! So we invite all of you in a blitz arena! The Arena starts tomorrow Saturday at 18:00 UTC!

GDT Prize Arena!!!!kostasvl •

The General Draughts Team hosts its first prize arena on Thursday the 1st of October at 15:00 UTC sponsored by @Foun38! Link to the arena: Variant: Antid

GDT Leaguekostasvl •

Now that team battles are part of lidraughts the GDT team will host a Team Battle League open to all of teams on every Thursday and Sunday at 18:00 UTC. To add your team in that, simply

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