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4 members

General Draughts Team TEAM

Tournament points: 2,815

Team leader: kostasvl

Best players

  1. McInToX
  2. archange007
  3. kostasvl
  4. Andy

Recent members

This team is for everything related to draughts. You can host arena tournaments, simuls or a championship.
You can also post studies and istructive material about draughts, puzzles and famous streamers.
Open to all members.
Location: Lidraughts

Forum (3)

  1. Studies kostasvl

    A study about a game of @andy against the level 8 lidraughts A.I. by @andy .

  2. Studies kostasvl

    A study about Opening fundamentals by @archange007 .

  3. General Draughts Team forum lidraughts

    Welcome to the General Draughts Team forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

General Draughts Team Forum »