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Frysk is a beautiful game!!!
It is short, pretty tactical, as well as positional. You can aim for different setups in the opening.
Additionally, it is at least in my opinion very good to grasp the concepts of draughts.
Furthermore two kings versus one king is often in theory a win!

Frysk has the same rules as Frisian but small(apart from the obvious one), decicive differences from the ruleset of International draughts:

This group is for Intermediate Frysk players and so for beginners. Also advanced players are welcome.
1/2+1 to 3+5 incremental Blitz as used time controls.
Short duration of the tournaments.

The tournaments are commentated by myself.
For some moves/variations I make studies which are linked in the tournaments.

Tournaments are named after moves in the games between very good players of Frysk on lidraughts.
Tournaments can also be named after moves which are missed opportunities for one side to win the game OR after the next move in the variations.
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