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Pieces can also capture horizontally and vertically.


Frisian draughts is played on the same board as regular draughts, and uses the same rules for moving the pieces. The following additional rules apply:

  • Besides capturing diagonally, one can also capture horizontally and vertically. Every piece can thus capture in eight directions:

  • When faced with a choice in capturing, one always has to play the capture sequence with the highest value. But there is a difference in the value of the pieces. A king has a higher value than a man, but a lower value than two men. For example, white has to take the man and king here, as this sequence has a higher value than two men:

  • If a king and a man can play a capture sequence of equal value, it is always forced to play with the king.
  • If a player has one or more kings on the board but also has one or more men left, it is not allowed to play more than three non-capturing moves in a row with the same king. If no capture is available for a king after its third non-capturing move, one is forced to play with a different king or a man. After that one can play any move with that king again, but of course again only three times in a row if it doesn't capture. This rule does not apply for a player that has no more men left (only kings on the board).


There is no draw by threefold repetition in frisian draughts. The only drawing rules apply when there are only kings left, with three pieces or less on the board:

  • When one player has two kings and the other player has one king, the game is drawn after both players made 7 moves.
  • When bother players have one king left, the game is drawn after both players made 2 moves. The official rules state that the game is drawn immediately when two kings are left unless either player can win by force (which means the other king can be captured immediately or will necessarily be captured next move). As we currently can't distinguish the positions that win by force on lidraughts, this rule is implemented by always allowing 2 more moves to win the game.